Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Librarians Season 4 'And the Dark Secret' Review

The Librarians finally returned for their fourth season, beginning with 'And the Dark Secret' in which a secret sect of the Vatican Church uncovers an ancient map detailing the location of four cornerstones of the Library of Alexandria (the original library). 

Flynn and the team liaise with Flynn's previous Guardian, Nicole, who has been locked in a dungeon under the Library for five hundred years after she was sent back in time by a rift caused by an explosion that Flynn set off on their last adventure.

Jenkins and Flynn become conflicted about Nicole's motivations as Jenkins believes she cannot be trusted. But, Eve persuades Nicole to help them find the remaining cornerstone after she admits she hid the last remaining stone, which are being collected by Vatican priests, secret members of an order intent on destroying the Library and removing knowledge and wisdom from the world.

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The Librarians are now at a stage where they are learning the sacrifices they need to make in order to become effective librarians. Cassandra is beginning to learn how to use her new powers, Jacob is loving giving his expertise on architectural history and Ezekiel is starting to question whether they can truly trust the Library and its secrets. 

The hunt for the cornerstones provides an Indiana Jones style adventure to the season opener. Cassandra's solution to breaking through crystal to get to the one of the stones brings a lightness and fun to this series story arc of whether you can truly trust the institution you dedicate your life too.  

It's a fascinating question and one that will make this season one of the most compelling, especially when the Librarians start to question their role within the Library and how much they must sacrifice. 

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Flynn's revelation that he caused Nicole to be sent back in time after causing an explosion that was meant to save them, raised more questions about how he truly feels about being a Librarian. It certainly gave Eve and Flynn's guardian/librarian relationship some engaging conflicts. 

Prophecy is given a central focus and is a thought-provoking concept in itself. Jenkins states everything that has happened with the Library was destined and needed to happen. But, they are a point now where no-one knows what will happen.

For Cassandra, Jacob and Ezekiel, it's interesting to see them question their commitment and role within the Library. Cassandra is more openly accepting of her fear of the future which I believe will ensure she overcomes whatever challenges lay ahead for her. 

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The resolution to the episode is strong as Cassandra and Jacob calculate how to generate enough energy to keep the rift that the cornerstones have created open so Flynn can save Nicole who is pulled through it. 

It showcases the Librarian's intelligence, resilience, bravery and adaptability and demonstrates how powerful they are as a team. It's a fast-paced, dramatic and intense conclusion to an already strong episode.

'And the Dark Secret' sets up the over arcing themes of trust and uncertainty for the future effectively. Each member demonstrates their skills and unique abilities brilliantly, culminating in a compelling, funny and fast-paced opening for the series. It's good to have the Librarians back saving the world!


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