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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Silver Screen' Review

Episode 4 of 'The Librarians' sees Eve and Flynn transported into one of Eve's favorite classic noir movies after their attempt at a normal date ends up being another crazy adventure for the duo. Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel go against Jenkins wishes by following them into the movie world, first through a western than a sci-fi drama. Jenkins must find the magical artifact causing this magical conundrum before the Librarians are stuck in the fictional world forever.

Writer Noah Wyle creates a wonderful noir atmosphere as Eve and Flynn act out the film as is intended in the hope they will be transported back into the real world once the plot is followed through. Flynn's distress and Eve's delight is both funny and engaging because of their complete opposite reactions. Also, Flynn is clearly intrigued by Eve's love of the film and characters which adds another interesting element to their relationship.

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The development of this relationship is becoming more compelling as they discuss doing 'normal' things like going to see a movie. Eve displays a slight irritation at not having enough time to do these normal things.  

However, this is soon forgotten as Eve relishes acting in her favorite movie. The chemistry between Noah Wyle and Rebecca Romijn is vibrant, exciting, warm, funny and unpredictable. Their conversations are compelling, silliness, respect, and love and it's fabulous to see them working as detectives.

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Director Jonathan Frakes provides color, vibrancy, and variety as Cassandra, Stone and Ezekiel travel through a hilarious gun-off where Cassandra saves Stone and Ezekiel from being hanged. Then, they end up on a spaceship where they are kidnapped and all blued up in classic alien costumes.

It's a spectacularly imaginative and funny sequence being able to see the Librarians become fictions themselves. Also, it's even more hilarious to see that Cassandra is a fan of the sci-fi film she is now in and recounting the dialogue with absolute confidence and clarity.

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As Jenkins works with the owner of the Hollywood Theatre, the daughter of the film's writer, the twist of the story resolves itself through a past regret as the true writer of the films reveals she is the mother of the owner of the theatre. 

It reigns the magic and drama of the story back to the heart of the series- showing the Librarians why they save the world and who they do it for. It's people. Strangers who they will never meet. 

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'And the Silver Screen' is a highly creative, witty, exciting, compelling and heart-warming episode. Writer Noah Wyle and Director Jonathan Frakes create an adventure that is brimming with imagination, important questions and an emotional conclusion.

It's almost like Wyle is displaying our very own geeky consciousness through the Librarians. Eve's memory of watching her favourite noir movies with her grandmother is a feeling we relate to and it's the love and passion for a fictional world and characters that connects and inspires us. 


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