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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Steal of Fortune' Review

Episode 2 of Season 4's The Librarians 'And the Steal of Fortune' sees the team investigate the casino and horse racing establishment 'Fortune Downs' which is the only connection between the people who have experienced the worst luck possible. 

This leads on from the Librarians questioning Flynn about having a normal life. He admits as Librarians they cannot experience 'normality' because it causes too many distractions and emotional attachments which could put them in danger. 

But, Jacob refuses to believe this so he and Ezekiel visit an old friend. After Jacob's friend suffers a seizure to a bee sting that would otherwise have been harmless, they discover other victims of 'bad luck' as they realise magic is at the root of the probability inconsistencies. 

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As they head to the casino, Cassandra and Ezekiel experience the normality that they were hoping for as Cassandra uses her incredible maths skills to calculate which number the ball will land on at the roulette table and Ezekiel becomes obsessed with winning money on the game machines.

It turns out the owner of the casino is only the lackey for the physical embodiment of the Goddess of Fortune, Fortuna. She is using magic to bring bad luck to anyone who looks at her so she can become flesh again and bring bad luck to the rest of the world. 

This is one of unique qualities the series has- incorporating mythology into a modern context and communicating it with precision and passion. There is plenty of humour in this episode; Cassandra's happiness at winning at the roulette table and Ezekiel going a bit crazy at the games machines is a wonderfully playful collection of scenes.

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But, as Cassandra's winning cause her to be kidnapped and interrogated by Fortuna, it allows her to demonstrate some sneaky improvisation as she claims Saturn sent her to disrupt Fortuna's plan.

As a sub-plot, Flynn and Jenkins discuss the Library's origins and the after effects of Nicole's departure in the opening episode. It's really interesting to see their friendship tested because they are two longest members of the team with the most knowledge and experience of the Library, and even they are beginning to question if they can truly trust the Library.

'And the Steal of Fortune' is another wacky, fun and mythology driven story that continues to develop the characters and test the core friendships between them.


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