Friday, 12 January 2018

The Librarians Season 4 'And the Hidden Sanctuary' Review

Cassandra heads to Havenport, the safest town in America after she freezes whilst on a mission. Whilst there, she gets a taste of a 'normal' life; working at the local library, adopting kittens and winning first prize in the town's baking contest. 

'And the Hidden Sanctuary' explores purpose and specifically questions who Cassandra wants to be. She's never experienced life outside of the Library, and so it's only natural that she would want to see if she has a purpose somewhere outside of the Library's boundaries.

Lindy Booth plays Cassandra as the apprehensive, excitable puppy and brave and intelligent Librarian all in one in this episode. Her self-reflection is commendable, allowing her to do something the other Librarians never have- exploring who she is away from the Library.

Her love and excitement at having a normal life and being safe is infectious yet one cannot help wander if she knows she is destined to be a Librarian. She builds a wonderful life for herself but her power, her potential is not being met by working at the local library and making a colourful quilt. 

As she continues to try to hide her concerns regarding the lack of accidents, a local boy, Freddie begins to piece events together, forming a large collection of evidence that proves something odd is happening.

Together, they find a fairy is keeping the town safe by the wishes of the town councillor who wanted everyone to be safe after his Dad died in a car accident when he was a boy. But, when Cassandra asks the town if anything has come to the town recently, they point out Cassandra is the only thing to have arrived.

It's a brilliant ploy to have Cassandra figure things out by herself and to have the help of a young boy who reflects Cassandra's own childhood of reading books and making connections, wonderfully moving and graceful. 

Once the reason for the fairy's wishing is revealed, it gives Cassandra the confidence and resilience to learn being the Librarian is worth the risk. Out of all the librarians, Cassandra is the one who has learned her true purpose and knows where she belongs.  

'And the Hidden Sanctuary' is a beautifully written episode; there's gripping drama, fantastic character development, sweet and funny moments and an overall fabulous story for Cassandra to get stuck into. She is the Librarian!

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