Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Librarians Season 4 'And the Disenchanted Forest' Review

It begins with silence. Eve is looking defeated, lost and empty following Flynn's departure. Stone, Ezekiel, and Cassandra cannot believe Flynn would abandon the Library and Eve but she shows them the letter Darrington Dare left for Flynn about how there can only be one Librarian. 

Cassandra wonders what leading a normal life could be like and Stone ponders on how being a Librarian would stop him from having a family. It's gripping to see them show doubt about being a Librarian and the sacrifices they need to make.

Eve takes the Librarians to a team building camp so they can become a team again but Stone rightly points out, it's a way for Eve to focus on the job rather than deal with her personal life. 

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Once they arrive, Ezekiel becomes the adult of the group as Cassandra turns into a mischievous prankster, Stone starts to fall in love and Eve is set on winning. It's hilarious to see Cassandra having a fabulous time playing pranks and just generally enjoying life. It's hard not to laugh right alongside her.

It also provides a compelling exchange between her and Ezekiel as he argues Cassandra has always lived her life in fiction and so doesn't know what it's like to have a normal life. It's a relatable situation for us geeks who prefer to live in fictional worlds rather than 'normal' reality.

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The team begins to discover there are disappearances happening and it's the forest who are taking people. As Eve investigates one of the other teams who turn out to be DOSA, Stone begins to fall for Creativity Director, Serena,  a journalist searching for the Library.

Their brief but romantic encounter is beautifully written and acted. It is a great opportunity to see Stone contemplate a life away from the Library.  The consequences of Flynn's departure means Eve has had enough of his disappearing act and rightly so.

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Ultimately, the trip does bring the team closer together as Stone becomes the voice of the forest. Its motivation for taking those people is because it was attempting to find someone who could communicate with it, and let the humans know if the forest dies so does all life.

Surprisingly, Stone brings Serena into the Library so she knows she's not crazy but also to remind her of why he can't be in a relationship. It's incredibly moving and sad to see the sacrifices the Librarians need to make. 

'And the Disenchanted Forest' is a compelling, wonderfully written and laughter filled episode. It reveals more about the characters and their true identities. The forest is a mystical and effective antagonist for the Librarians, and as Stone gets a taste of what he could have away from the Library, it leaves a tantalizing glimpse into what could happen if the Librarians did decide to resign. 

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