Friday, 23 March 2018

Movie And TV News Roundup Of The Week

More short snippets of news from this past week!

Tron Legacy LEGO Images!

If you'ere a Tron/Tron Legacy nut like me you're going to be very happy that LEGO are releasing a figure and vehicles set (Sam Flynn, Quorra, Rinzler and light cycles) based on the Legacy movie. They look awesome too!

Tessa Thompson to Reunite with Chris Hemsworth for New Men in Black

Thor Ragnarok stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are set to reunite on screen in the upcoming Men in Black reboot. 

The film is said to take place in London and center around a “new combination” of characters and is more of an ensemble film than a duo like the first three movies.

The untitled Men in Black spin-off will not feature Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, but it will expand on the world of the original trilogy. This will be a different project from the aborted 21 Jump Street franchise mashup, MIB 23, which Jonah Hill admitted previously was “too complicated” in terms of the deals needed. That film remains in development, however.

Disney Removes Blasters From Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Movie Posters As Gun Hysteria Spreads

Disney has seemingly decided this past week that their new Han Solo movie posters shouldn't be displaying guns, due obviously to the current climate of gun-based violence and reform in the US a, and have altered all the images accordingly as seen below.

Avengers: Infinity War - New Images

Instead of creating a separate post for new Infinity War images, as I usually do, I've just put them below as they're nothing we haven't seen already, relatively speaking. No spoilers etc. :)

Official Cobra Kai Trailer - The Karate Kid Saga Continues

I've posted up multiple  mini trailers for the upcoming Youtube Red series "Cobra Hai", but now we have the full trailer and it looks awesome!

Johnny Knoxville's 'Action Point' Movie Trailer

Featuring the cast of Jackass and a whole bunch of painful looking real stunts the new movie 'Action Point' centres around the making of a crappy and dangerous theme park...

Power Rangers - Shattered Grid Trailer

Boom Studios have released a mini trailer for Power Rangers - Shattered Grid featuring Lord Drakkon/Tommy Oliver played by original actor Jason David Frank. I'm presuming this is for the ongoing comic series and not an actual live-action show!

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